Monday, March 2, 2009

typical early March

well, Jim was up all night, assisting in the birthing of a calf, so he's worn out and napping on sofa..I'm trying to be quiet..not easy when the dog threw up in the hall...ah, typical morning, lol

am nearly finished with the baby blanket for shower #1..still need to sew sleeves into the sweater to accompany it..wish I felt inspired for a few other goodies to tuck into the pkg. The yarn for the other shower's gifts should arrive today..just checked the UPS tracking.

Should I feel old? My great-grandson had his first birthday party yesterday..wish I could've attended, but that's what happens when a family spreads itself out over the entire map.

Snowflakes are floating lazily about the place..would be pretty if, a, we'd not been promised a LOT more, and, b, I didn't have to drive into town today. I wonder how much we'll get and how long it'll last..all weekend, I was feeling the urge to do some picking up in the yard..I hate how stuf tends to accumulate. Jim will be hauling hay again today, from the farm where he's been buying it, so I'm hoping for decent weather for him as well..with the boys laid off, at least he has their assistance, although frankly we'd rather they were working.

got the new book from the House of White Birches recently..all hats and socks..some really cute ones..need to try out some of the ideas in it.

ah, back to work..quietly..

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