Saturday, August 15, 2009

Penguin socks

this doesn't quite do it justice, but it does give the general to knit the heel flap and foot part, seam the leg, and create it a mate!
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wow--been a while since I was in here..

my current project is a pr socks for Christa, from a sock of the month calendar given to me by a friend who lives in England-the Dec. socks have penguins on them..more like knitting toys than socks, as the penguins have 3D beaks, flippers, and tails! fun knit. Last night, I finished the chart on sock #1 [photo later today, hopefully], so now all to do on that one is the heel & foot, seaming the leg which had to be knit flat rather than in the round, due to the changes in yarn.

The sock yarn blankie is growing. I'm already plotting the next one, which will be of worsted weight leftovers on larger needles.

A few new calves on the farm keeping us busy, as 2 of them were born to mamas who do not make enough milk to support them making it necessary to mix formula and bottle feed..those 2 cows really need to go to the sale..ah, the "joys" of sons who want to make pets of farm critters..