Sunday, November 29, 2009

Apple Bran Bread [makes 4 loaves]

I am making this at present, at David's request--had a terrible time finding the book with the recipe in it, and, did a search to see if I'd sent it but came up dry, so, once I found the book, decided to type it out for you as I  make's a yummy bread, especially good when spread with cream cheese.
2  cups raisin bran [or bran flakes if you're not fond of raisins]
1/2 cup sugar
2 T. butter
1 1/2 cups sweetened applesauce
pour 1 1/2 cup boiling water over above ingredients in large bowl and let stand until lukewarm.
Dissolve 1 cake or packet [I buy mine bulk, so 1 1/2 Tbs.] yeast in 1/3 cup warm water, and add to lukewarm mixture [be sure is not too warm, lest it kill the yeast] and knead in sufficient flour to make bread dough--apx. 8 cups.  Knead.  cover and let sit to raise apx. 1 hour or until doubled.  Knead again, cover and let raise again until doubled.  punch down, divide into 4 loaves and shape, and place into greased pans, cover and let raise until doubled [apx. 1 hour]. Bake about 45-50 min in preheated 350 oven...yummmmmy!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Penguin socks

this doesn't quite do it justice, but it does give the general to knit the heel flap and foot part, seam the leg, and create it a mate!
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wow--been a while since I was in here..

my current project is a pr socks for Christa, from a sock of the month calendar given to me by a friend who lives in England-the Dec. socks have penguins on them..more like knitting toys than socks, as the penguins have 3D beaks, flippers, and tails! fun knit. Last night, I finished the chart on sock #1 [photo later today, hopefully], so now all to do on that one is the heel & foot, seaming the leg which had to be knit flat rather than in the round, due to the changes in yarn.

The sock yarn blankie is growing. I'm already plotting the next one, which will be of worsted weight leftovers on larger needles.

A few new calves on the farm keeping us busy, as 2 of them were born to mamas who do not make enough milk to support them making it necessary to mix formula and bottle feed..those 2 cows really need to go to the sale..ah, the "joys" of sons who want to make pets of farm critters..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

current project

This is my current project--a poncho for a friend.  I am enjoying knitting it for her--it's a different project!  She chose orange for the color--I'm using the "coming home poncho" from Lion Brand [reference:  Martha Stewart]  It is on a #11 needle [I am using my Denise interchangables] and, as my friend wished, cotton yarn.
My sock yarn blankie is calling  me, so as soon as the poncho is done, that gets more attention next.  yesterday, the mail lady brought me a packet of mini skeins of sock yarn for it [Thank you, Becky!!] so it'll get some new colorways!  Such fun.
The ever-on-the-needles socks are nearly finished, so soon it will be time to cast another pair on.  Car knitting at its best!
Last evening, we watched, on DVD, Protocol with Goldie was a hoot!  I highly recommend it!  We all laughed all the way through it, but it didn't keep my knitting from progressing!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

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checking out the "post via email" function of bloggging...
This is the sock I am currently knitting for Jim..loving the yarn!!!  It is Love Garn by Strompegarn, ordered from Turkey!  Feels so luxurious and very affordable!  Because Jim has a rather high instep, I knit a higher heel flap than I do for most socks, in the hopes that the heel flap won't disappear as his often do, with wear. 

life would be dull indeed, devoid of challenge..

we had a very interesting week at my house-perhaps the most interesting day was Thursday. On Tuesday, the guys corraled and sent some young-stock to the livestock sale. They opened the corral afterwards, and my husband walked through it on Wednesday, using both openings, hence he knew it was open on both ends then. But--Thursday, when he walked over to the farm=house to take some things to his brother, he found one end closed off with a sheet of plywood that he knew he'd moved after the calves had been loaded Tuesday. One of the cows was walking all over, bawling for her baby--a calf only a few days old. The guys walked all over the farm, looking for him; he's gone. We have a very good idea what happened, but, just like when we had a few hundred bales of hay stolen a year and a half ago, we cannot prove anything..frustrating. Meanwhile, the check came, for the animals that had gone to the farm auction, and I was to take it to the bank, deposit most, bring some cash home so our pickup could get inspected, and go to the feed mill for some cow feed and some corn for my chickens..well, my car wouldn't start! I got out, frustrated anew, to discover a flat tire..flat to the rim. Meanwhile, Jim was taking some feed to the chickens, and he found that something had killed one of them--at that point, we began expecting negatives..stuff does tend to pile up, doesn't it..

anyhow, on the knitting front: I finished one sock and got the cuff of its mate done..I always have at least one sock on the needles--can't imagine going to town without a sock to knit on, should I end up waiting for...anyone or anything. After 4 or 5 "false starts" on the orange poncho I promised ages ago to knit for my friend Robin, it is now officially underway. I think I like it! Not really far enough to take a pic yet, but hopefully be end of the day it will be. I'm using Peaches and Cream cotton, by the cone, from Pisgah--love dealing with Flo Carslile down there. Love their yarns! When I place an order, I always, or nearly always, add a few bags of their grab bags to my order. Those are a great deal, and always well worth what they cost, as long as you're not wanting a special color of yarn. They always include a few balls of crochet cotton, and with my newly developing interst in knitting doilies and tablecloths, something I'm happy to add to my yarn supply. changed my's what it looks like thus far--is started at the bottom, worked in rounds {just imagine keeping 360 st from twisting! At last, I worked the first few as rows, having left enough yarn to sew the small opening closed, then switched to rounds on "
row" 4}

We got a box in the mail yesterday, filled with DVDs we got on I'll have lots of new entertainment [new may be a misnomer, as we bought them from a place called "Yesterdayvideo"] to keep me company as I knit. Last night, we watched "IKE" staring Tom Selleck. We were slightly disapponted in that it was only about D-Day, and not a bio of Eisenhower but nontheless it was good, and gave a slightly different perspective than The Longest Day, which is a long-time favorite movie at our house.
Well, off to knit a few rounds on the poncho..with 360 st, a round takes longer than a sock, lol...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

today's finished object

knit most of this doily yesterday evening, while watching Streets of Lorado on's from a kit from the House of White Birches, using a lovely soft cotton and #3 needles. I think I'll be making more of went incredibly quickly and was a fun knit!

c'est fini!

it was hard to decide whether to set dishes on it or just take a pic of it as it is..anyhow, I'm pleased with it and already looking forward to making another tablecloth..

for a change, I knit most of a large round doily last evening, while watching Back to Lorado--am finishing that this afternoon...enjoying that too!

the weather is lovely here today--inspiring one to relax.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


on the table, cooling, is one of our favorite deserts! Banana pudding. It's sort of like a banana cream pie, but larger--first, I crushed one of the 3 inner pkgs in a box of graham crackers, added about 2 T. each sugar and soft butter and blended and smooshed it and spread it to cover the bottom of a glass cake pan. Then I cooked up the following:

1/3 cup corn starch

2/3 cup sugar

2 eggs

1/4 cup milk

Mix thoroughly, and add 1 qt. milk to it and cook over medium heat, stirring, until it thickens and comes to a boil Then add 1 T. vanilla extract and stir.

While the pudding is heating, slice 4 or 5 bananas and arrange them over the graham cracker crust.

Once the pudding is done, pour it over the bananas. Then I like to take a handfull of shredded coconut and scatter it over the pudding. Today, I allso scattered a smallish handfull of chocolate sprinkles over's now sitting next to me, drawing me like a magnet...

can you smell it???

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday ramblings

My tablecloth is slowly growing, and the pattern is "growing on me"'s not 1/4 done yet and already I'm planning the next, and the next after that! I "need" to order a cone of variagated cotton for the next one..I already know which colors it has to be too..Flo at Pigsah yarns is great to deal with and she helped me select the blue above.. My husband insists I'm knitting a big square doily, lol, but this is so what I've wanted to knit for the past few years.
My sock yarn blanket has not grown at all since I began the tablecloth..I need to knit a few more pairs of socks first.
Today, here in NEPA, the sun is shining brilliantly, the cattle are happily grazing, and it's getting time to start working outside--so I've the best of both worlds, now, fresh air & exercise, and, once dusk comes, and my chickens are tucked into bed for the night, our collection of videos and DVDs and my yarn & needles..ah, life is good!

Friday, April 17, 2009


inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann's longie pattern, but adapted in a major way, my own "recipe" for longjohns, which my farmer husband loves and has worn for the past quarter century. They take apx. the same amt. of yarn and time as a top-down raglan pullover. I need to make up a new husband has been wearing some, including the pair above, for 20 yrs! they outlast those from the store many times over, and are a joy to knit.

cable owls

some of my favorite knitting patterns involve owls that are created by cables..I once had an online contact who said she had a book that had patterns for making other animals using cables, but the owl is the only one I've ever had..{for years, I've wondered about the book that lady mentioned}

Recently, I participated in a cyber baby shower, and knit one of my favorite toddler sweaters. This seems a timeless pattern to me, as I knit the first one for my son William when he was a baby, and he will turn 27 next month! I have also knit this pattern for my oldest grandson, neighbors etc. etc..always goes over well.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday ramblings

at last, some new photos of my sock yarn's grown some. After discussing them with an online friend, and looking at hers, I decided it's time to show how mine grew since it was last photographed..I'm enjoying it, but knitting with fingering yarn, with a #3 dpn, is a slow way to make a double bed size blanket! The squares don't take long to knit--I've probably spent more time selecting which ball of leftover to use than any other part of the process..

My other knitting project of the present is a lace tablecloth, which I'd wanted to knit for years and had had problems finding the right pattern. It seemed like so many pretty round ones were out there, but my table is rectangular...for a time, I was tempted to use an afghan pattern but a friend suggested I buy a Modern Lace Knitting book and I was hooked..I began one pattern, then changed my mind and chose a different is now on row 18..a bare beginning but you can see how it's going to be edged..below:
quite a change from the socks and pullovers I'm more accustomed to knitting. Change is good, I suppose. My great-grandma Ulrich used to crochet dresser scarves..filet crochet..I loved those, but I prefer to knit over crochet, so...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

quiet Sunday

well, I'd promised not only my husband but myself that I would get our taxes done today..we were pleased to see that we'll owe less than the past couple of still means a bit of scrounging, but c'est la vie!

Friday, the mail carrier brought me a couple of new knitting books I'd ordered from Dover..I've long appreciated Dover/book seller: Anyhow, one of the books I got has patterns in it for lace tablecloths..something I've wanted for ages. I began one, but with all the distractions {2 new calves born, a phone call from a friend, etc. etc.} I think I'll need to start over when I've got a little more chance to concentrate..

time to go out and tuck my chickens in for the night..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

socks, socks, & more socks

at last, photos have been taken of the socks I knit from the yarn 2 good friends sent me last August for my birthday. {thanks, Catherine and Kat!} yummy merino sock wool!

another 2 pr got photos taken today as well. One pr. is Opal cotton, pour moi, and the other a pretty blue Regia washable wool blend, for David. LOVE, love, love knitting socks, lol.

sock yarn ghan

after seeing so much coment on the "sock yarn blankie", I've gotten mine back out to work on a bit. Knitting a full-bed sized ghan, of fingering yarn, using #3 needles tends to be somewhat time-consuming, especially when each time I got "going good" on it, something else has consistantly popped up to draw my attention, needles, and knitting time away from it..I'll show you what it looked like, nearly a year ago, when I set it aside to begin some much-needed sweaters for my youngest son. I'll get another photo of it later today, and show the progress.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

damp morning

guess it's typical of spring, but so overcast..fits my mood, as I'm still working on our taxes..

The neighbor's dogs are feeling adventurous--which sets our dog off..poor Fred doesn't understand why, when he's not allowed to visit next door, the dogs from next door are allowed to tromp all over our place..which results in his being kept inside. Not the dogs' fault--but not fun for me, or Fred.

Started over as planned, with socks for Jim..finished turning the heel on sock #1 last night, and it looks like it'll fit his extra high instep better than my ususal..I've knit socks for him for 29 years, but those of fingering yarn always ended up with the heel flap disappearing..those knit of worsted weight always suited him I've gone up one needle size and added 4 st to that part..I'm eager to see how these stand up to his wear.

No new calves of the old cows is getting close..I hope she has hers nearby..her daughter had hers day before yesterday--some years the two of them give birth the same day.

Hmm, which to concentrate on today?...taxes or knitting..guess I'll sandwich them..reward myself with a few rounds after each plateau on the tax forms

Monday, March 30, 2009

my favorite special bread

as promised, here's the recipe for apple raisin bran's yummy--especially with cream cheese spread liberally on it

Apple Bran Bread
makes 4 loavesI've done this in my bread machine, but divided ing.
by 4 when doing so.
2 cups raisin bran cereal1/2 cup sugar2 Tbs. melted butter1 1/2 cups sweetened applesauce1 1/2 cups boiling water1 env. dry yeast [I use 1 TBS bulk yeast]1/3 cup lukewarm waterapx. 8 cups sifted flour
1. combine the first 5 ingredients in a large bowl.
2. pour the boiling water over, mix and let stand
until lukewarm
3. Soften yeast in lukewarm water, and add to mixture
in bowl once it has cooled to lukewarm temp.
4. Add flour to make a smooth dough that can be
kneaded. Knead and leave in bowl, covered, to rise
until doubled. Punch down and let rise again.
5. shape into 4 loaves and place in greased pans.
6. let rise til doubled.
7. Bake in a 350 F. oven for apx. 50 min or until
done. Remove from pans and let cool thoroughly on
wire racks before slicing.
8. enjoy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

rainy Sunday...

typical spring morning..sloppy as all-get-out outside. I don't envy anyone who has to slog through the mud to do chores this morning..I'm grateful the guys have to do it this morning! I'll be sitting here getting our account ledger up to date and knitting yet another sock.

I've a bag of crochet thread that I've accumulated, when buying grab bags from the Peaches and Cream site..I love their worsted weight cotton, and the grab bags are a good deal [note to self: send for more grab bags from Peaches & Cream!] but so far, I've not used the balls of crochet thread that was included..I don't care to crochet, so am sorting through knit doily patterns...

As my big love is divided between socks and seamless raglans, as a rule, when I'm in knitting mode, those are what calls me..I need to diversify, as Barney Fife said..yes..Barney was talking about investing in the stock market, but it's a line from the TV show often quoted at my house, lol

another thing I've contemplated, and even tinkered with as a trial basis with old socks to see how it goes, is steeks. I've actually taken sweater patterns that called for steeks, and converted them to avoid doing them..I worry that the yarn would catch on the feed dog or presser foot of the sewing machine..I've wondered, worried, tried other methods, but never actually knit a sweater that was to be steeked..this is something I need to do, if only to prove to myself I can..silly, aren't I? I've knit for nearly 1/2 a century, and this well-established, time-honored technique is still a mountain I've not fully climbed.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

Well, the sun is trying to shine through an overcast sky, the preemie calf is still holding out, on some old quilts, in the bathroom--we figure she is a 6 to 7 month baby, as her mama's previous baby was born just 9 months before she was, and there is usually about a 2 month rest period before being bred again..she almost, but not quite can stand when helped up and is taking a bottle at frequent intervals in small amts. Today, I plan to offer some baby cereal dissolved in her formula. This calf is actually smaller than Fred, our little beagle! Longer legs, natch, but weighs less and not as large in the body. A real imp/dainty sort.

Last night, I knit a hat for a round robin exchange in a Yahoo group..and cast on a sock as I plan to send a pr heavy boot socks with the hat..

Still need to sew buttons on the baby cardi..don't know why I put some things off, but need to push myself, then, once they've been done, I generally wonder why they'd seemed like work.

Someone's big gray tiger striped tomcat has been hanging around our doubt calling on our 2 lady cats, but as we have 2 tomcats of our own, he's really not wanted/needed. His presence is getting on the dog's nerves big time...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

little owl sweater

last night, I inserted the second sleeve, and ran the yarn ends in on the sweater for an online friend's new baby..this is my favorite gift for baby boys..from a book I acquired over 27 yrs ago, called The Great Knitting Book. It has 3 owls on the front yoke, made with simple cables. Now to get the package wrapped and off to the post office..
There's a little pink girly one, for another online friend awaiting buttons then it can start its knitting for babies..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

addendum to raglan sweater pattern

as promised, got some photos taken of some sweaters knit by the method above.

they are sized for a small man but as I said, this pattern is adaptable for a young child to a large adult.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sharing my child size pullover

having promised an online friend I'd type up my "recipe" for a raglan pullover for a child, I decided to stick it
--------top down seamless raglan for child, apx age 6
apx 12 oz worsted weight yarn
needles: circ #8 and #5, both 16 inches long and a longer one--from 24 to 29 inches long,
as well as dpn [if you prefer, you can use the "magic loop" or 2 circ method where I use
You'll also need 2 stitch holders.
first, cast onto the 16 inch #8 circ, 68 st. K 1 round in k2p2 rib. Now, switch to the 16
inch #5 needle, and coninue with k2p2 ribbing until neckband measures 2 1/2 inches. Now,
take the #8, 16 inch circ and fold the neckband over, and picking up each cast on st and
kntting it together with the "working st", k around. This makes a sort of hemmed neckband.
Next round: k 28 for back, place marker, k 6 for sleeve, place marker, k 27 for front,
increase in next st, place marker, increase in next st, k 4 [second sleeve], increase in
next st, place marker of different color, to denote end of round. You should now have 71
Now comes some short row shaping for front of neck.
Row 1. Work across st of back, increasing in last st before marker, slip marker, increase in
next st, k right sleeve st, increasing in last st, slip marker, and inc in first st of
front. K 1, turn.
Row 2. slip first st as if to p, and p around, slipping markers as you go, until you are at
the left side of the front. P the first 3 st of front. Turn.
Row 3. slip first st, and knit around, increasing before and after each marker, until you
reach the right side of the front. increase in the first st, and k the next 3 st. turn.
Row 4. slip the first st, and p around, slipping markers, ending after you've purled the
first 5 st of the left side of the front. turn.
Row 5. slip the first st. K around, increasing before and after each marker, and knitting
the next 2 st of the right side of the front [in other words, 2 more st after the st you
slipped in row 3]
Row 6. Repeat row 4
Row 7. Repeat row 5. You should have, in all, 108 st, 38 each for front and back, and 16
for each sleeve.
Now you're done with the front neck shaping, and are done turning..all the rest will be
worked in rounds. You'll increase every other round, as established, until you've a total
of 212 st -- 64 @ for front and back,and 42 for each sleeve. Work even until the
measurment from the neckband to armpit measures 7 inches. Now you're ready to divide into
body and sleeves. On the next round, place each set of sleeve st on a stitch holder. Cast
on 4 st. for each underarm. and knit around to create the body. On the second round after
the dividing round, p into the bar between the 2nd and 3rd cast on st of each underarm. As
you k around, keep those 2 st in p. It forms a sort of seam st. it'll help you know where
the front ends and the back begins, and when the pullover is done, makes a fake seam. K
even until the body is apx. 9 1/2 inches long. Now, take up the longer #5 circ and rib in
k2p2 ribbing for from 1 1/2 to 2 inches.
Now, for the sleeves. With your shortest #8 circ, k the sleeve st. When you come to the
underarm, pick up the st you cast on for body, including the p "fake seam" st. K even for 2
inches, then begin the sleeve decreases. Decrease 1 st on each side of the p st, every 8
rounds, until you have 32 st and the sleeve is 11 inches long, or 3 inches less than
desired. Decrease to 28 st and, with #5 dpn, k2p2 cuff ribbing.
run in any yarn ends, and voila!
This is my all time favorite kids' pullover. If you have any questions, feel free to yell..I
hope I explained it ok..I've made so many it's become like baking bread..I seldom bother to
look at the recipe.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------enjoy. I'll try to dig out one I made this way and get a photo of it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

typical early March

well, Jim was up all night, assisting in the birthing of a calf, so he's worn out and napping on sofa..I'm trying to be quiet..not easy when the dog threw up in the hall...ah, typical morning, lol

am nearly finished with the baby blanket for shower #1..still need to sew sleeves into the sweater to accompany it..wish I felt inspired for a few other goodies to tuck into the pkg. The yarn for the other shower's gifts should arrive today..just checked the UPS tracking.

Should I feel old? My great-grandson had his first birthday party yesterday..wish I could've attended, but that's what happens when a family spreads itself out over the entire map.

Snowflakes are floating lazily about the place..would be pretty if, a, we'd not been promised a LOT more, and, b, I didn't have to drive into town today. I wonder how much we'll get and how long it'll last..all weekend, I was feeling the urge to do some picking up in the yard..I hate how stuf tends to accumulate. Jim will be hauling hay again today, from the farm where he's been buying it, so I'm hoping for decent weather for him as well..with the boys laid off, at least he has their assistance, although frankly we'd rather they were working.

got the new book from the House of White Birches recently..all hats and socks..some really cute ones..need to try out some of the ideas in it.

ah, back to work..quietly..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

one of the 2 baby shower gifts half experimenting with a blanket as the yarn I have does not seem to be working with any of my ususal favorite patterns..the yarn I ordered online for the second gift will probably arrive Monday, so I really want to finish the first gift over the weekend.

another new calf this morning--so the guys are busy with it, assuring themselves it'll be ok and all. Love baby calves!

We've been enjoying season 9 of Murder She Wrote on glad we're able to get and play those. Angela Lansbury is such a lovely talented actress and that was such a great show.

David's seedlings are growing..he's requested a rack to keep his seed starter trays on..guess he's tiring of moving them morning and night as he switches use of the different pieces of furniture in his room. I think I will try to find him one of those "bakers' racks" or a display rack from some now defunct store.

My hens are hinting that it may soon be egg-laying time! I always find them laying right after I've bought eggs in the store, lol--should I run to the store and buy a couple cartons? Murphy's Law reigns here.

wishing everyone a pleasant and blessed day.

Friday, February 27, 2009

wind and rain...and mud

our weather today reminds me of the movie The Longest Day, and the soldier who says, "wind and rain, wind and rain..."muddy mess.

on a knitting front, I've completed 16 squares for a group loveghan, and am in the midst of gifts for 2 cyber baby showers...have a cardi knit awaiting assembly