Tuesday, June 2, 2009

current project

This is my current project--a poncho for a friend.  I am enjoying knitting it for her--it's a different project!  She chose orange for the color--I'm using the "coming home poncho" from Lion Brand [reference:  Martha Stewart]  It is on a #11 needle [I am using my Denise interchangables] and, as my friend wished, cotton yarn.
My sock yarn blankie is calling  me, so as soon as the poncho is done, that gets more attention next.  yesterday, the mail lady brought me a packet of mini skeins of sock yarn for it [Thank you, Becky!!] so it'll get some new colorways!  Such fun.
The ever-on-the-needles socks are nearly finished, so soon it will be time to cast another pair on.  Car knitting at its best!
Last evening, we watched, on DVD, Protocol with Goldie Hawn..it was a hoot!  I highly recommend it!  We all laughed all the way through it, but it didn't keep my knitting from progressing!