Sunday, March 8, 2009

sharing my child size pullover

having promised an online friend I'd type up my "recipe" for a raglan pullover for a child, I decided to stick it
--------top down seamless raglan for child, apx age 6
apx 12 oz worsted weight yarn
needles: circ #8 and #5, both 16 inches long and a longer one--from 24 to 29 inches long,
as well as dpn [if you prefer, you can use the "magic loop" or 2 circ method where I use
You'll also need 2 stitch holders.
first, cast onto the 16 inch #8 circ, 68 st. K 1 round in k2p2 rib. Now, switch to the 16
inch #5 needle, and coninue with k2p2 ribbing until neckband measures 2 1/2 inches. Now,
take the #8, 16 inch circ and fold the neckband over, and picking up each cast on st and
kntting it together with the "working st", k around. This makes a sort of hemmed neckband.
Next round: k 28 for back, place marker, k 6 for sleeve, place marker, k 27 for front,
increase in next st, place marker, increase in next st, k 4 [second sleeve], increase in
next st, place marker of different color, to denote end of round. You should now have 71
Now comes some short row shaping for front of neck.
Row 1. Work across st of back, increasing in last st before marker, slip marker, increase in
next st, k right sleeve st, increasing in last st, slip marker, and inc in first st of
front. K 1, turn.
Row 2. slip first st as if to p, and p around, slipping markers as you go, until you are at
the left side of the front. P the first 3 st of front. Turn.
Row 3. slip first st, and knit around, increasing before and after each marker, until you
reach the right side of the front. increase in the first st, and k the next 3 st. turn.
Row 4. slip the first st, and p around, slipping markers, ending after you've purled the
first 5 st of the left side of the front. turn.
Row 5. slip the first st. K around, increasing before and after each marker, and knitting
the next 2 st of the right side of the front [in other words, 2 more st after the st you
slipped in row 3]
Row 6. Repeat row 4
Row 7. Repeat row 5. You should have, in all, 108 st, 38 each for front and back, and 16
for each sleeve.
Now you're done with the front neck shaping, and are done turning..all the rest will be
worked in rounds. You'll increase every other round, as established, until you've a total
of 212 st -- 64 @ for front and back,and 42 for each sleeve. Work even until the
measurment from the neckband to armpit measures 7 inches. Now you're ready to divide into
body and sleeves. On the next round, place each set of sleeve st on a stitch holder. Cast
on 4 st. for each underarm. and knit around to create the body. On the second round after
the dividing round, p into the bar between the 2nd and 3rd cast on st of each underarm. As
you k around, keep those 2 st in p. It forms a sort of seam st. it'll help you know where
the front ends and the back begins, and when the pullover is done, makes a fake seam. K
even until the body is apx. 9 1/2 inches long. Now, take up the longer #5 circ and rib in
k2p2 ribbing for from 1 1/2 to 2 inches.
Now, for the sleeves. With your shortest #8 circ, k the sleeve st. When you come to the
underarm, pick up the st you cast on for body, including the p "fake seam" st. K even for 2
inches, then begin the sleeve decreases. Decrease 1 st on each side of the p st, every 8
rounds, until you have 32 st and the sleeve is 11 inches long, or 3 inches less than
desired. Decrease to 28 st and, with #5 dpn, k2p2 cuff ribbing.
run in any yarn ends, and voila!
This is my all time favorite kids' pullover. If you have any questions, feel free to yell..I
hope I explained it ok..I've made so many it's become like baking bread..I seldom bother to
look at the recipe.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------enjoy. I'll try to dig out one I made this way and get a photo of it.

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