Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

Well, the sun is trying to shine through an overcast sky, the preemie calf is still holding out, on some old quilts, in the bathroom--we figure she is a 6 to 7 month baby, as her mama's previous baby was born just 9 months before she was, and there is usually about a 2 month rest period before being bred again..she almost, but not quite can stand when helped up and is taking a bottle at frequent intervals in small amts. Today, I plan to offer some baby cereal dissolved in her formula. This calf is actually smaller than Fred, our little beagle! Longer legs, natch, but weighs less and not as large in the body. A real imp/dainty sort.

Last night, I knit a hat for a round robin exchange in a Yahoo group..and cast on a sock as I plan to send a pr heavy boot socks with the hat..

Still need to sew buttons on the baby cardi..don't know why I put some things off, but need to push myself, then, once they've been done, I generally wonder why they'd seemed like work.

Someone's big gray tiger striped tomcat has been hanging around our doubt calling on our 2 lady cats, but as we have 2 tomcats of our own, he's really not wanted/needed. His presence is getting on the dog's nerves big time...

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