Tuesday, March 31, 2009

damp morning

guess it's typical of spring, but so overcast..fits my mood, as I'm still working on our taxes..

The neighbor's dogs are feeling adventurous--which sets our dog off..poor Fred doesn't understand why, when he's not allowed to visit next door, the dogs from next door are allowed to tromp all over our place..which results in his being kept inside. Not the dogs' fault--but not fun for me, or Fred.

Started over as planned, with socks for Jim..finished turning the heel on sock #1 last night, and it looks like it'll fit his extra high instep better than my ususal..I've knit socks for him for 29 years, but those of fingering yarn always ended up with the heel flap disappearing..those knit of worsted weight always suited him better..so I've gone up one needle size and added 4 st to that part..I'm eager to see how these stand up to his wear.

No new calves yesterday..one of the old cows is getting close..I hope she has hers nearby..her daughter had hers day before yesterday--some years the two of them give birth the same day.

Hmm, which to concentrate on today?...taxes or knitting..guess I'll sandwich them..reward myself with a few rounds after each plateau on the tax forms

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