Sunday, March 29, 2009

rainy Sunday...

typical spring morning..sloppy as all-get-out outside. I don't envy anyone who has to slog through the mud to do chores this morning..I'm grateful the guys have to do it this morning! I'll be sitting here getting our account ledger up to date and knitting yet another sock.

I've a bag of crochet thread that I've accumulated, when buying grab bags from the Peaches and Cream site..I love their worsted weight cotton, and the grab bags are a good deal [note to self: send for more grab bags from Peaches & Cream!] but so far, I've not used the balls of crochet thread that was included..I don't care to crochet, so am sorting through knit doily patterns...

As my big love is divided between socks and seamless raglans, as a rule, when I'm in knitting mode, those are what calls me..I need to diversify, as Barney Fife said..yes..Barney was talking about investing in the stock market, but it's a line from the TV show often quoted at my house, lol

another thing I've contemplated, and even tinkered with as a trial basis with old socks to see how it goes, is steeks. I've actually taken sweater patterns that called for steeks, and converted them to avoid doing them..I worry that the yarn would catch on the feed dog or presser foot of the sewing machine..I've wondered, worried, tried other methods, but never actually knit a sweater that was to be steeked..this is something I need to do, if only to prove to myself I can..silly, aren't I? I've knit for nearly 1/2 a century, and this well-established, time-honored technique is still a mountain I've not fully climbed.

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