Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

one of the 2 baby shower gifts half experimenting with a blanket as the yarn I have does not seem to be working with any of my ususal favorite patterns..the yarn I ordered online for the second gift will probably arrive Monday, so I really want to finish the first gift over the weekend.

another new calf this morning--so the guys are busy with it, assuring themselves it'll be ok and all. Love baby calves!

We've been enjoying season 9 of Murder She Wrote on glad we're able to get and play those. Angela Lansbury is such a lovely talented actress and that was such a great show.

David's seedlings are growing..he's requested a rack to keep his seed starter trays on..guess he's tiring of moving them morning and night as he switches use of the different pieces of furniture in his room. I think I will try to find him one of those "bakers' racks" or a display rack from some now defunct store.

My hens are hinting that it may soon be egg-laying time! I always find them laying right after I've bought eggs in the store, lol--should I run to the store and buy a couple cartons? Murphy's Law reigns here.

wishing everyone a pleasant and blessed day.

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