Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday ramblings

My tablecloth is slowly growing, and the pattern is "growing on me"'s not 1/4 done yet and already I'm planning the next, and the next after that! I "need" to order a cone of variagated cotton for the next one..I already know which colors it has to be too..Flo at Pigsah yarns is great to deal with and she helped me select the blue above.. My husband insists I'm knitting a big square doily, lol, but this is so what I've wanted to knit for the past few years.
My sock yarn blanket has not grown at all since I began the tablecloth..I need to knit a few more pairs of socks first.
Today, here in NEPA, the sun is shining brilliantly, the cattle are happily grazing, and it's getting time to start working outside--so I've the best of both worlds, now, fresh air & exercise, and, once dusk comes, and my chickens are tucked into bed for the night, our collection of videos and DVDs and my yarn & needles..ah, life is good!

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