Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday ramblings

at last, some new photos of my sock yarn's grown some. After discussing them with an online friend, and looking at hers, I decided it's time to show how mine grew since it was last photographed..I'm enjoying it, but knitting with fingering yarn, with a #3 dpn, is a slow way to make a double bed size blanket! The squares don't take long to knit--I've probably spent more time selecting which ball of leftover to use than any other part of the process..

My other knitting project of the present is a lace tablecloth, which I'd wanted to knit for years and had had problems finding the right pattern. It seemed like so many pretty round ones were out there, but my table is rectangular...for a time, I was tempted to use an afghan pattern but a friend suggested I buy a Modern Lace Knitting book and I was hooked..I began one pattern, then changed my mind and chose a different is now on row 18..a bare beginning but you can see how it's going to be edged..below:
quite a change from the socks and pullovers I'm more accustomed to knitting. Change is good, I suppose. My great-grandma Ulrich used to crochet dresser scarves..filet crochet..I loved those, but I prefer to knit over crochet, so...


  1. It looks great Ann. You sure have gotten alot further with it.

  2. Your blankie is looking great! I'll have pictures of mine up soon. I've almost got all the yarn you sent me incorporated into it. When I get your yarn all knit up, I'll take new photos.

  3. you're fast! I'll have another bunch to send you when you're ready. What are your plans for yours? Mine is sized for double bed, but I hate to think what Fred would do to it. Love how luxurious they feel, don't you?