Friday, May 25, 2012

wow! May is nearly gone, and it seems as though it just began!  May is quite a month in my family!  My #3 son was born in May, on my parents' 45 wedding anniversary, a week after my brother's and a week and a day after my brother-in-law's birthdays!  Of course the month ends with Memorial Day, once called Decoration Day, which was always my favorite holiday back in the '50s.  How I loved that day!  How I enjoy remembering it.

Last night, I cast on and knit about 1 inch on a pr. toddler socks for a little girl in the family.  It'd been a very long time since I'd knit such wee socks!  As I remember, when my 2 youngest were little, I could knock off a pr socks for them in one afternoon.  Time will tell [guess it also depends on how many times I get interrupted.  I love having little ones to knit for! and my daughter's kids are supplying them generously!

A few days ago, we bought a hanging planter with red begonias in it, and Jim hung it on the branch of a tree near my chicken coop, visible from the living room window.  We're hoping it'll attract humming birds.  again, time will tell.  I'd wanted so much to have a few flower beds in the yard, but knew it'd be futile as long as my chickens were free to roam, so we settled for the hanging planter. I may invest in a few more, or a window box or two.

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