Monday, May 28, 2012

sweltering hot today--as it should be at the end of May!  Today, they say, is Memorial Day--although, being a stick-in-the-mud, to me, it will always be May 30th, regardless.  As a child, Memorial Day [in my home town, we still called it Decoration Day] was my favorite holiday.  It was the biggest thing that happened in the tiny hamlet where I grew up!  The upstairs meeting room of the GAR hall filled up with folks from all over the county, and the students from the one room school house recited "pieces", all the kids who took music lessons played pieces, the choir from the Methodist Church sang a few selections, Rena Root recited the Gettysburg Address, and I'm sure much more, but those are the parts that stick in my mind over the decades.  Oh, the memories I carry through life from the 50s!  Anyhow, after, there was always an ice cream social at the Grange Hall.  It was also the day my father planted our garden.  My parents made sure we visited all the cemeteries where relatives were buried.  It was a grand holiday, filled with nostalgia and respect for those who had lost their lives in service to the nation, and deceased family members.

On the knitting front, I'm nearly finished with Elizabeth's socks..almost to toe decreases of sock #2.  I am sooo eager to finish them and send them to her!  So many of my fellow knitters talk about that term "second sock syndrome"...I don't really get it!  For me, getting the second sock done is a must, so they can be worn and I can cast on another one!!!  As a rule, the moment the yarn end is run in after weaving the toe together on one sock, I am grabbing a ball of yarn and casting on another!

Time to start supper...I've a smallish piece of lamb to roast! It has been a very long time since we had lamb-my oldest son brought this to me-what a thoughtful gift-and it needs to be roasted, regardless the heat, so...lamb for supper it is..

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