Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Looks as though blogspot has changed since my last visit. I've been woefully neglectful-things have been rather humdrum of late here.

On the knitting front, I've been knitting socks..plain socks of yummy yarns for some special relatives and friends.  Knitting plain socks is such a good way to keep the hands busy while the mind is busy dong things that do not involve the head.

Farm-wise, we've numerous new calves. today, the guys are attempting to get some weanlings rounded up to send to the sale..I'm hoping they succeed as it's time for them to go, with new babies being born.  Hard at times to part with some that have become pet-like.

I'm still trying to find [or contrive] a pattern to knit a round ripple ghan.  So many catalogs have crocheted ones; each time I think I've found what I want, it turns out a disappointment..I guess I'll just have to figure one out.

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