Saturday, May 30, 2009

life would be dull indeed, devoid of challenge..

we had a very interesting week at my house-perhaps the most interesting day was Thursday. On Tuesday, the guys corraled and sent some young-stock to the livestock sale. They opened the corral afterwards, and my husband walked through it on Wednesday, using both openings, hence he knew it was open on both ends then. But--Thursday, when he walked over to the farm=house to take some things to his brother, he found one end closed off with a sheet of plywood that he knew he'd moved after the calves had been loaded Tuesday. One of the cows was walking all over, bawling for her baby--a calf only a few days old. The guys walked all over the farm, looking for him; he's gone. We have a very good idea what happened, but, just like when we had a few hundred bales of hay stolen a year and a half ago, we cannot prove anything..frustrating. Meanwhile, the check came, for the animals that had gone to the farm auction, and I was to take it to the bank, deposit most, bring some cash home so our pickup could get inspected, and go to the feed mill for some cow feed and some corn for my chickens..well, my car wouldn't start! I got out, frustrated anew, to discover a flat tire..flat to the rim. Meanwhile, Jim was taking some feed to the chickens, and he found that something had killed one of them--at that point, we began expecting negatives..stuff does tend to pile up, doesn't it..

anyhow, on the knitting front: I finished one sock and got the cuff of its mate done..I always have at least one sock on the needles--can't imagine going to town without a sock to knit on, should I end up waiting for...anyone or anything. After 4 or 5 "false starts" on the orange poncho I promised ages ago to knit for my friend Robin, it is now officially underway. I think I like it! Not really far enough to take a pic yet, but hopefully be end of the day it will be. I'm using Peaches and Cream cotton, by the cone, from Pisgah--love dealing with Flo Carslile down there. Love their yarns! When I place an order, I always, or nearly always, add a few bags of their grab bags to my order. Those are a great deal, and always well worth what they cost, as long as you're not wanting a special color of yarn. They always include a few balls of crochet cotton, and with my newly developing interst in knitting doilies and tablecloths, something I'm happy to add to my yarn supply. changed my's what it looks like thus far--is started at the bottom, worked in rounds {just imagine keeping 360 st from twisting! At last, I worked the first few as rows, having left enough yarn to sew the small opening closed, then switched to rounds on "
row" 4}

We got a box in the mail yesterday, filled with DVDs we got on I'll have lots of new entertainment [new may be a misnomer, as we bought them from a place called "Yesterdayvideo"] to keep me company as I knit. Last night, we watched "IKE" staring Tom Selleck. We were slightly disapponted in that it was only about D-Day, and not a bio of Eisenhower but nontheless it was good, and gave a slightly different perspective than The Longest Day, which is a long-time favorite movie at our house.
Well, off to knit a few rounds on the poncho..with 360 st, a round takes longer than a sock, lol...

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