Friday, June 1, 2012

whoops...peer pressure I guess but I set David's sock aside last evening and cast on a Hemlock Ring throw.  For the past 5 or 6 years, I'd been looking for a knit version of the popular crochet pattern commonly referred to as round ripple.  Friends kept telling me to check out the Hemlock Ring  but something,that vague something hard to define, kept telling me it was not quite what I sought, so I had not begun one..til yesterday..I'm now on round 35 and wishing I'd begun one sooner!  pic. later today.

Yesterday was a good day to knit something new, as the guys went out to put some hay through the baler and I had the house to myself with no distractins other than Fred asking for attention.

I've more bananas begging to be made into banana cake, so I suppose another of those is in the cards for today, although I need more cocoa if it's to have chocolate frosting..and to me, banana cake needs chocolate!

Our peas are up and growing, our potatoes are doing splendidly [and no potato bugs visible thus far!!!hurray!  Beans looking nice too..  I think this may well be the best garden in years! The sweet potato plants do have a few leaves that are curling, tho, and that concerns me a bit..oh, yummy Shepherds' pie made of sausage and sweet potatoes..oh, boy!

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